Success Stories 3

sayhello: I have been writting and talking to a person I met through your site but neither of us wishes to make it public. thanks for your help with finding a match fotr me Heather

terribleterry: I met someone a while ago on matchfinder and would therefore like to remove my profile.

joybells: Thankyou so much, have met a lovely man through your site and very happy, relationship is progressing well.

neenstar: Thankyou matchfinder, have met my Mr Wonderful! Well, it was a connection through Matchfinder actually! He sent me an email, two I think before I replied. We emailed each other a few times before deciding to meet for coffee one Thursday afternoon. The coffee turned into a second cup, then glass of wine, then dinner and five hours had passed before we knew it! He made arrangements to see me the next night and the next day, six red roses were sent to my workplace, from him, with a note attached, "A rose for a rose, enjoy the rest of your day'. Then dinner the next night at one of Canberras finest restaurants (he came with flowers again!). Last Friday, he sent one dozen long-stemmed red roses to work with a note "To my precious baby". I tell you, I feel like I'm on another planet. To meet a man who you thought only existed in your imagination is a complete dream come true!!
Will certainly keep you posted!!

sista_kay: had loads of fun but have since found someone special... thanks a bunch

blastmaster: I am sending you this email to inform you that I no longer need to use this site as I have found a lady that I am seeing and we have taken to each other very nicely, thank you for letting me use this site and if I find myself in need to come back I hope that you will be able to help in the future, I have sent a few of my friends to look at your site as it may be of good value to them. Yours truly Kevin

elly: Thank you for the opportunity to find friends through this site. I have been fortunate to find someone whom I am now establishing a sincere relationship with.
Yours faithfully

sista_kay: had loads of fun but have since found someone special... thanks a bunch

sheepdog gal: I would like to cancel my subscription now and remove my profile from the site.
I have been in contact with a member from matchfinder and here's hoping your site has bought us together.

upurkilt1: Please remove my profile from ur site,I have met someone thru your service and am very happy and hopefully will not be alone again for some time. Thanks very much, yours happily upurkilt1 :-)

goooodguy: Being honest, I thought the internet would be the last place to find a special and wonderful person. Yet reality proved me wrong and surprised me with the most beautiful encounter I have had in a long time. So I am grateful to you for having become the mediator of a new and precious relationship in my life. Well, I am excited to see how all this will develop over time and I'll promise if I ever should get married to the person, I'll definitely let you know. :-)

lifesabeach: Thank you for your service. I have met many women on line and have now met my perfect match. It was a most enjoyable experience.

mjl: thanks for the help ive met a great guy an wont be needing you anymore

prettygirl: Please remove me as I am now happily married....Thanks for your help

launsingle: great site, love the detail i can see to find the exact person among all the possibilities, unlike lots of other sites where you either can't see their details or know who they want / don't want to see...
But I have found someone, so I no longer need it.
I will access your excellent services and value for money in future as a first choice.

groovy2: thank you for your help i have found a man who is very nice thanks again.

jessiebabygirl: thankyou so much for helping me, i have met a lovely guy and have no need for this anymore

starfish: Thanks Match Finder, I've found a lovely lady and am now living together. I would like to delete my profile from your site. Thanks once again. M Shepherd....

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