Success Stories 35

freese: Please remove my profile and cancel my subscription. I have met someone, through your site, and we are very happy

jehanmistry: I have found someone

margie74 : Hi matchfinder I think your website is great and I can't believe all the messages I have received over the past 2 weeks. The only problem I have is that my ex boyfriend wants to sort things out with me so I'm giving him another chance and not interested in getting to know anyone else. I'm not sure how to remove my profile. In the future i will certainly join again if things don't work out for me. I will be recommending yr website to others. Kind regards Margie x

johns: please remove my profile, as I am now in a realtionship. Thanks for your service.

niceguysumtimes: thankyou but in a relationship now

murf82: found someone

lachie: Please remove my details from the site. I am now in a deep and meaningful relationship.

home james: pleas remove me as i am now i a relationship.

blocker5152: dear matchfinder could please remove my profile from the web, sa i think i have found miss world . cheers ken

Hlmmartin: Please remove my profile, thanks for your help, i meet a best friend on this website hope we will be in a long lasting relation and leading to be my soulmate...Thanks.

rillo: I have found some one & getting engaged.


caringtype: ...thanku found somone bye

rikki rose: i like to have my profile deleted because i have found someone! Thank you

passion0601: Can you please remove my profile. I have found someone. Thanks for your help

Isouthernsuburbs76: have met someone so i need this removed please. Thankyou

faith11: found partner

just me 78: Thank you very much but i have now found someone!

0taurus01: Hi, I want to remove my profile as i have met someone. Thankyou.

ceesaw: have met my new lovely partner.

quietlife1: have found someone. Please remove. Thank you

tom30: found partner no longer wanting to be on the site please cancelle the acount

church12: Found someone thanks

rm24: please remove my profile, no need for it anymore!

sunshine25: I am now in a relationship

indigo55: Have met someone, no longer required. Thanks

hey you: please remove my profile from your site... thanks ive met someone

short n sweet: Found a partner

nomdeplume: I have met a man thankyou

robbo_2: wish to remove profile as i have found a cute female

robbo_2: please remove my profile as i have found a partner

drg66: Dear Matchfinder, please remove my profile from your site and stop sending me any emails etc. many thanks, Dale. I have found someone and no longer need this service.

ho0o0z: I found 1

sammy7778: Please close this account. I have a girlfriend now!

builder47: found someone, please remove from site

scrapper007: I am no longer require your service as I am currently in a relationship and very happy. Thanks, Scrapper007.

sweetangels: have meet somone

fiftyplus1: have found someone now

danif78: I have found somebody

gettingoninlife: I have met someone and would like to see where it leads thanks

pamber: Great site. Have found my perfect match, thankyou..........

time4change: have found some one

hyena: I am now in a relationship and request my profile be removed, thanks

donut69: Please take me off this site as i have found the best wowan in the world, thankyou so much,

jaxathome: I have found someone!!!

faithfull: Hi please remove my profile from your web site I have recently found a partner and now very happy. Many thanks. Faithfull

justme2155: Can you please remove my profile have meet someone

jan rae: I am now in a relationship.

amber: have found a man


mocha_girl: Have found someone, please remove my profile completely - thanks

wanderer58: Please remove me. Found someone

trudus25: Please remove my profile as I have met someone. Thanks

jessicap: Please remove my profile from this site,as not needed anymore,in a relationship now :-)

my0nlygamble: started relationship no long need service

+brentis+ : I have found a significant other and do not require this profile any longer. Please remove my profile from this site. Thank you.

jasonkquin: hi i want to dalete my free member ship on this site & the reason way is i met some one eals

ericab93: i have found someone offline, but its still a great site :)

chezkah: Please remove my profile from the site completely
I have found a partner and thank you for everything

paddy33: have found a partner

dwellerinpeace: Hi, I no longer need my profile to be listed here, my search is over. thank you. Rajneesh K.

susanna: i have enjoyed meeting and greeting on this site , but have now met someone .
kind Regards , Penny

vernonliam: Found someone

heartofgold: I have found a partner

icebear: met someone thanks

mackman: have found someone,thankyou

ddan: found a girl thanks

jane68: I have met a wonderful gentleman via your web site. Thank you so much for providing this service.

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