Success Stories 36

lovelife41: hi matchfinder, i have met someone thanks : )

apolon: i would like to have my profile removed because i found someone thank you

zorbadownunder: Dear Matchfinder,
Please remove me from this site permanently, as I have now found a partner.
Thank You

sdrawkcab: found someone .

moron 2: thank you 4 your help I am now in a relationship with a lady

power_v: Hi, can I please get my profile removed as I no longer require it. Regards Khane

joerod367: Gotta gf

glanza: Thanks but now in contact some one

dior: Can you please remove my profile from your site. I have been lucky enough to now be in a relationship. Thank you for all those people who responded to my profile.

te piwa: Please remove me from your site as I am now hooked up. Thank you very much..

snowy123: Thanks I have found someone.

dona: i have found a mate


bdc49: Please remove my profile from this site as I now have a girlfriend and no longer need to be on your site so please delete my profile.

janelly: i found the love of my life

beachyrose: I have met someone
thank you

slayeryd: Please remove my profile as I have met someone now. Thank you.

bunny2315: I am no longer looking for someone as i am in a relationship now. Please remove my profile from your list
Thank you

mazzy40: Please remove my profile as i am dating someone now

laylaschance: I have found my true love

snookie cookie: ive found sumone

tooraloo: Thank you - I have found someone :-)

gracey: Hi,

I am now in a committed relationship & wish to remove my profile.


hope4me: I have met someone

fierce cub: found what i am looking for

holden69er: i dont need it i found my love

a real lady 4 u: Hi Matchfinder
I`ve met a man who is the one for me, it`s really serious..
So I`d please ask you`s to do it this time ?

Thank you for a great website..

Lots of Love .. Lee B.. NZ xx ( A real lady 4 U)
You have been a great Dating site..
I've met many lovely men thru your site..
and this time he's the one for me..

I'll keep you informed what happens in future ..
Kind regards Lee x

jeansylvia: I have found a partner. Thank you for your site.. good luck

firehorse66: I have met someone so please remove my profile

motna: have partner now.

jazzycherrie: ive found a partner and would like my page removerd, thanks

golucky8: please remove me from this site as i have found a partner thank you

albsy: No need any more... have found someone

yardie: I'm with a lady from you site . So I'd like to cancel my subscription, to this. Site . Thanking you , Greg Y.

kiwishine: i found someone

dance15: I am currently seeing someone so no longer want to be on here :)

dependable: Now in a relationship

nurse000: please remove my profile as i have found someone special

vanessa1974: I have met a great guy off this site and no longer need to use this service. thank you.

girl22: Have found a relationship

anne500: Thanks, found someone so please remove my profile

naomi: I have met an amazing guy! thank you

yram: Hi,
I have found a lovely man while a member of your great site. I believe my membership was for 6 months and is up this month. I would now like to cancel my membership and have my profile removed.
Please send me an emial in reply.
Thanks for a great service,

kristabell: i have found someone

grifftofa: thanks for helping me find my soon to be wife

aaam: thank you i have found a lady. i will tell others about your site

zoe08: Please remove me from this site, as I am now in a relationship. Thanks.

dieiervon: plz not single..ty..

letscwathapens: have made a connection, do not need account anymore.
thank you.

dona: have found my partner and am getting married. I cancelled over a month ago. Please remove my profile.
lovfoole: hi matchfinder, thanks for this site, most useful, and iv met someone, thanks. andrew

slammerdn: Have found what I need. Thanks

ferret123: found what I was looking for

havetohope: Have met someone

bjw: not interested. got a man.

dave4: please remove my profile as i have met my partner on this site 11 mths ago and i am very happy thanx so much dave

Miss_playboy: I found someone

yummymummie: Ive meet a lovely guy and no longer need to be on the dating site could you please help me remove my profile thanking you Michele

fenella: Thanks to dis site. I founda man. Thanks oxoxox

moogle: I have found love and no longer want to bve on this site thanks

td_12345: i have met someone and want to delete my account with you please

tonym87: i have found someone and would like my profile removed. i no longer require these services.

rita topia: I have a partner now

ddexplorer: Please remove me I have found someone

tinalee6: have met someone

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