Success Stories 4

osexy1: Please remove my profile from your website as I am due to get married. Thanks you very much. p.s your website is great!

softlysoftly: I have met a great guy from this site and we have started seeing a lot of eachother, so I would like you to remove my profile. Thanks to all at Matchfinder for the great service

kanook: Thank you for you assistance, i have met a lovely person, and no longer wish to engage in this activity. Thank you, very much as i found this very rewarding for my part, and am excited that i have found someone compatible, in such a very short time. I have no hesitation in recommending your service.

freofan: I no longer need to be on here, as I have found the person I am going to spend the rest of my life with. Thank you

serious: Thank you for your support . I am settled now .Fay

vincenzo: Hello I would like to remove my profile for the moment because i have met someone great and i don't want to disappoint her in case she comes across or any of her friends to my profile. Cheers for removing it ASAP Thank you very much. Was a great pleasure to have my profile there and thank you for the great job Cheers Vince

ninoosh: thank you for the opportunity to search further than I had thought. I have met and feel that I have someone very nice. I would like the time to truly get to know this nice guy. If my feelings prove wrong,"I'll be back" thanks again

perthman: Thank you for all your help. I have found a special lady on the site and all is going well. If necessary, I will rejoin Matchfinder at a later date. Thanks again, Bernie.

captainboy: thanks i have found my soul mate - i dont need this site anymore Thankyou

genuine aries: I have met someone from this site, thankyou

missy: i have settled down with a partner and a child now. Thankyou.

countrycowgirl: Thankyou for the site, its been great. I have met that someone special....

modjiba: I have found a partner! Thank you very much for your very good services!!!!! Regars Kathrin

cowie: i have found the most wonderful, beautiful, handsome man who is so careing, affectionate and SEXY!!!! i will never need this service again because he has shown me what it is like to live again and how to love myself for who i am! his beautiful face, his magical hands!!!! i never thought i would ever feel this way ever again!!!!

david: Have someone. Thankyou for your help. Your have a good site.

sweets3073: thanks but I am getting married and do not need to be on chat sites.......

zaydonjay: hey thanks i have found true love thank u for ur help jay

stephan heinz: Thankyou very much at the moment I am persuing a relationship with a woman I have made contact with. Hopefully you won't see me back.

crazyhorse3559: i met omeone very nice and think i dont need u anymore oh and i met him here thanks

doug_russell: i am now in a relationship regards and best wishes many thanks for your assistance

scryguy: thank you for all your help..i have met someone through your site so feel it is only fair to others that i now remove myself from the "active" list. thank you once again yours sincerely john

graeme56: Im now in a relationship,I thankyou for the service that you have given. thanks again Graeme Hamilton

outgoingmum: thanks i am getting married in 4 months

deepspeed4: I would like to delete my profile from this site as I am no longer looking for a partner. it's been fun being a part of this matchfinder world. thankyou! regards, Yvette

red288: I am now in a long term relationship.. Thanks for everything..Keep it up.

cobra84: i have found the right girl for me....... thanks matchfinder you've done your job.

miss aeon: Have met my match, thank you for this service. Ple remove me.


gemwoman53: thank you for this service. I have found the love of my life after many years searching and am very happy!

malvern: Thank you very much for your service. I have meet a very lovely lady and she has agreed to be my girl-friend. So we have had some fantastic dates.

dt69: I have found someone and no longer wish to be a member of this site, I would like to thank you for the use of your site, and who knows if things don't work out I will be more than happy to return to this site.

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