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doodee: Yeah I would like to be taken off the site. Very Glad I took the plunge and put my profile on here. Have met a wonderful person. Thanks
Message sent Mon

charlene45: Hi could i have my profile removed, in the short time i have been on this site, i have met a really fantastic guy,thanks matchfinders cheers,

delboy: Hi,I would like to be removed from your mailing list,I have met someone from your site and are very happy


Gemini6: I would like to inform you that ive found my perfect match and Im getting married in December and will no longer require you to keep forwarding on people who show interest in my profile. I would like to thank you for your support and request that you delete my profile from your mailing list. Thank you. I would like to inform you that I'm engaged and getting married in December. Thanks for all of your support, but I will no longer require you to search for my perfect match as I have already found him.

blueslady: I thank you for the opportunity of membership on this site.
I am pleased to tell you that I have networked with a particularly nice gentleman on matchfiner, with a lot of interests in common, and consequently, a strong friendship has ensued.
I now request the removal of my profile from your site, and I will be sure to use your site again, if and when the need arises.

gemini6: Hi there I would like to inform you that Im getting married in December, to a wonderful man that I met at a party of all places. We have been dating for sometime now and are engaged to be married late December. Thank you for all of your support. Kind regards Louise

chooky203: thankyou very much i have now met some one wonderful and am very happy

whodares: hi gang, I would just like to let you know the reason for this is that around a couple of months ago I met someone through your site and progress with her has been very positive and i feel has a very bright future for us, so thanks for putting up a great sight for opportunities like we seem to have found. cheers, Shane

donna711: Great site, but i have met someone and have just started a relationship with that person

nicole09: i have found the man of my dreams, thanks

1hot mama: Thank you matchfinder I have found a gorgeous beautiful man thanks to you and i believe him and i were meant to meet he is my soul m8 so thank you so very much.

graperep : can you please remove my profile from the site as I have met someone and dont wish to recieve any more messages. many thanks for the time I have spent on your site.

cjcc: Yes! please remove me from your sight. I have meet someone on your sight and we are very happy. thank you.

rubythursday: Hey,
Yes, please remove me. I have found a fab man on this site and one month in everything is going very well. And I really hope never to be back on here!

Thanks heaps!

french dreamer: I have met someone really special and so no longer need this option. It has been a great site for genuinely nice people. Many thanks Andrea

ktp: I have found the love of my life. Please remove my profile from this site. Thankyou for providing this wonderful forum to met people.

rubythursday : Hey,
One of the reasons why I liked this site was that it's so easy to find your way around. The advanced search has just enough of the important options without asking for every detail. Because you really don't know every detail you want in someone til you find it and if the options are too many then perfectly good people can slip through unnoticed. If anything major comes of this, I will let you know. I'm feeling very optomistic about this! By the way, the guy is on here as "wato" if you're interested. Thanks again Diane

dezzydez: i do not wish to continue using this website as i am madly in love with a guy that i found through you guys thank u

graham 1948: Thank you so much,
I have found a "specia lady"Whom I am seeing and am feeling very fond of. I am an honest and up front guy and I do not want to jepodize this beautiful relationship..May I compliement you people as it was on this site I meet this wonderful woman.Thanks again Graham 1948

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