Success Stories 33

shyplayfull1: please remove my profile as no longer single

tiki: l have found someone

gopies2010: found someone

romeohands: I am married and now a christian. Please remove my profile/account. Thank you

seasonsoflife: Please remove my profile from this site as I have met someone.

lady_stace: please remove my profile from this site as i am married now with a daughter and i keep getting emails from you,thankx

unwired45: Have found a compatible partner.

alex85: I have met somone and like my profile removed. Thankyou

bex19: id just like to remove my profile please i now have a partner and he doesnt want me useing this sight. thanks

pure_devil: Can please take my profile off i have found someone.

melissa99: I wish to unsubscribe as I have found my love.

farah1181: i have met somebody.

smiley1978: i want to cancel profile i have found a girl

aprilangie: please remove my profile. i do not wish to be on this site anymore, i have found someone.

gurl: I no longer wish to use this sit as I have found someone

jillybabe: Please remove my profile, I am now in a relationsip with a man I met on another site, thankyou

scubaguy: Please remove my profile from your site as I am about to be married. thanks for the service you have provided. regards Paul

nana7: i am not single anymore

dazzle: Yes have my profile removed please, and thanks I have met somebody trough your site.

katt_c: Hi I am not single anymore. please remove my profile.

hugs4u : Thank u so much, have met the man of my dreams that will spend the rest of my life with. THANK YOU MATCHFINDER. :) PLEASE cancel my monthly payments and remove my profile as from today 26/11/10.

daisy4: Hi thanks, Im in a relationship now please remove my profile
thanks helen

sweetie09: i have find someone now i dont need this site thanks

chieta: find someone and is going out

yorkshirepudd: found someone

gottalaugh2: please remove my profile from this site as I have met someone.

evey1982: have a bf now

cash68: found someone & taking it slow. trying to be trust worthy.

yanren: Dear Matchfinder
Please remove my profile from the site as I have found my love and no longer need the online profile.
Thank you

waterboy79: Thanks for a great site, please remove my profile as my new partner n I dont wish it to be seen,Thanks

jackidee57: I no longer require my profile to be visible as I am in a relationship...Thank you

jojo9: have met someone and are in a relationship,plse close my account.

singlenix: I have met someone and wish my profile to be completely removed from this site please. thanks

davide: Dear team,thank you so much for all of your help over the last month or so.I have met someone on your site and I hope it works out!If it doesnt I will be in touch thank you David.

stillunbroken: found the love of my life!

chris gt: I am now seriously involved with a lady and would like to take my profile from your site.. Thank you.

clickoncurlgirl: I have found someone and would like my profile cancelled immediately.

zammit72: please remove my profile from matchfinder as i am no longer searching for mr right and now engaged to be married thank you josie.

cupidbutterfly1969: i have met someone

zac459: I have meet someone can you please remove my account please.

slowhand4u: Found a partner

happygolucky68: I am happy in love

whistler24: I have found a date ;)

kody61: Can you please remove my profile from this site as I am now in a happy relationship.
Kind Regards.

happydays1111: have found a partner so will not need to remain member or recieve any emails or contact.enjoyed my time on matchfinder

mindy: I would like to be removed as I have now found a partner

cloesda: please delet my profile and acount coz iv found a partner thank u

ganet: hi, there, thnx for letting me join this site, but ya i no longer looking, regards lucia xo
kindly pls remove my profile from the site, once again thank you, best site ever. xo

mark043: found a partner thankyou

hotgirl2009: Found someone

countrydrive: in relalionship

fish123: Found some one an I thank you

collo73: found someone allready

downtoearthreal: I found someone, please remove my profile.
thank you

sunseeker: hi ther,thanks for your help on this site,i have met a partner recently so would like to remove my profile ,,hope you all have a great xmas and knew year,,regards sean,,

deviousmind: Found true love

strigoi: i found love

new path: Thank you for your services but I have found a lovely partner and I wish to relinquish any membership or details on this site. Cancel permenantly.
Sandra B.

nickrozinante: Have found a soul mate

yellowriver: Thank you for finding a lovely lady

moo1234: hey found someone from this site please remove my profile

lonelyboy54: I have found someone

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