Success Stories 11

redcatv8 : well quite simply i posted and honest and true reflection of my personality nad what i was looking for in a lady with good fortune i had a lady that struct me and we have found what we are looking for

STARLITE : Thank you for the opportunity to spend time with your site.
I have met many people through your site and one of which has captured my heart. Thanks once again ... starlite...

vex07 : thanx for helping me find someone.Wish us all the best please.match finder is awesome

far_cry : She's wonderfull and we are getting along fab! we are taking the relationship slowly as you do but there is a good cghance we could moove in together in the next two to three months. She is professional, nice and very friendly which is rare theese days! We feel as if we have known eachother for months when it has only been a week or two!

Another thing that has blown me over is that she is known well by some of my close friends which I did not know when I contacted her on your site and this has added a lot of weight to what I think of her.

You guys have provided a safe, secure and easy way to meet people like this and I am quite assured as she is that this relationship will go the distance.

Kind Regards,


georgie13: Thanks so much, this is a great site, and I hav met many nice people through it some have even become maybe lifelong friends. I would like my profile removed as I have found my soulmate and want to concentrate on our future together.

Once again thanks :-)

Kipross: Thank you for helping me find my equal i meet her through here and we have been corresponding every day and we feel that we can take this to a next level, once again thank you so much. I think for her it was my intro and how sincere my words were in what i was looking for. i guess if you have a sincere intro in what your'e looking for, sooner than later a potential partner will notice you and what you have to offer.

Once again thank you so much and I'll stay in touch with your site...


Willy : hi i would like to be removed from the site, i have met someone really great from this site and although its very early days yet but i think that it will be a very lovely relationship. i would like to take this opportunity to thank you for having this site available.
Best regards

UandmefunandadventurDear Matchfinder,

I have met an AMAZING woman on matchfinder and for that I THANK YOU.

Appreciate your time and assistance

sweetjj : thankyou so much 4 my time on here and i have recomended this site to lots of my friends but i have found a wonderful man so will no longer need this once again thankyou

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